Single-family Home

  • Up to seven bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Up to three dens
  • Full floor office/studio/workspace
  • Airbnb or Short-term rental

Duplex Home

  • Two-storey owner’s suite
  • Additional Two-storey rental unit/Airbnb


  • Two-storey owner’s suite
  • 2 Two-bedroom rental units/Airbnb

Fourplex Home

  • Four 2-bedroom units
  • Produces the highest rent
  • Live in one and rent out three units for the greatest affordability

Multi-generational Home

  • The FlexPlex has the features required for happy Multi-generational living.


  • FlexPlex® makes Co-ownership easy. Each owner’s dwelling unit can be as defined and private as you see fit. By condo titling each unit, owners can sell when they need to.

Our propriety design is customized to give you the look you want–from modern to traditional. The interior layout is customized to your specifications.

A FlexPlex with an urban vive is as little as 17 feet wide. The wider your lot, the more spacious the home will be.

Kitchen secondary 2 (1)

Your Affordable Home Solution

Your answer to your affordability dilemma is here. You can generate as much or as little rental income as you want.

  • Cover mortgage payments
  • Increase your disposable income
  • Generate passive income
  • Provide retirement income

How you divide up the space is up to you

Live in part of the dwelling, and rent out or Airbnb the rest.


Unit 1 is daylight basement and ground floor.
Unit 2 is first and second floor.


Unit 1 is two floor unit with up to four bedrooms.
Units 2 & 3 are two 2-bedroom units either above or below.


Fourplex of four identical 2-bedroom apartments, or a mix of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.


Live as a Multi-generational household or roommates. Everyone has their own bathroom.

Part of the affordability comes from never having to move. Your “forever home” saves on expensive realtor fees, high property purchase taxes, and potentially HST, for every move you didn’t make.

Choose Energy Efficiency and Building Resilience Options and you’ll be saving on utility bills throughout your lifetime.

toronto duplex – triplex – Fourplex revolution

Take Advantage of New Rules

New rules in the Toronto real estate market make fourplex and other multiple unit houses possible and affordable.

The zoning change in 2023 allowing for multiplexes in single family neighbourhoods means you’ll have more affordable choices about where you can live in a FlexPlex®. Before, only a limited number of very expensive lots were zoned for triplexes.

The City of Toronto is also eliminating development charges on the construction of duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes while raising them on condos. Development charges on four similar condos will be $321,000. The develop charge savings makes the triplex a highly attractive alternative for today’s home buyer.
Are you ready to explore the possibility of FlexPlex®?

Built by Craftsmen

Our Master builder Mike Manning and his professional staff ensure craftsmanship and careful attention to detail to produce a high-quality and sustainable home.

mike manning


Catherine Manning

Vice President

Alana Moor

Marketing Manager

Client Testimonial

"Mike Manning and his team were extremely reliable, professional and trustworthy. The job was complete on time on budget. The quality of work was above and beyond our expectations."
J D.
"Mike was great to work with. He helped with the creative design and continued right through to the final finishing detail. Work was completed on time, and I appreciated the fact that once it started, there was something happening every day until it was finished. Mike has a keen eye for detail and I will for sure be calling him the next time I have another big project."
"The other two builders that I interviewed gave me estimates that were far beyond my budget.  Mike and his crew gave me exactly what I wanted at a better price, without sacrificing quality,  There were no unexpected charges once the project was underway. It was done on time and on budget to our complete satisfaction. I would hire Mike again because I know he would do good work and stand by his work if there had been a problem. I value this peace of mind when so many other people are unhappy with their contractor once the job is complete."
"Very organize, helpful and the crews are very respectful of neighbour concern. safety was important because the house was on the main road with heavy traffic. site cleanup is done regularly. Our communication with Mike was made easy, meetings are done once a week on site. He goes above and beyond our questions and expectation. We are grateful to see such dedication and professionalism.  Thank you to Mike and his crew!"
"Mike was clearly focused on keeping me satisfied. Since we moved in, we have enjoyed the house and received many compliments on it. Mike is very polite, even with conflict, he listens well, and adjusts. He is very concerned about his work, the finished product, and making sure his customers are happy. He is a real pleasure to deal with"
"In our dealings with Mike we found him to be very professional, experienced and knowledgeable. Mike was very personable, accommodating, and attentive. His team and subcontractors were professional and highly skilled; the workmanship was excellent. We were satisfied with the pricing and found it to be fair…We would not hesitate to recommend Mike and his team for their professionalism and excellent workmanship."
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