Your New Option for Affordable Housing

Why FlexPlex®?

FlexPlex® is a flexible, sustainable residential building that can quickly and easily transition from a legal fourplex, triplex, or duplex multi-family building to a single-family home.

With up to eight bedroom/bathroom combinations and four kitchens possible, this two- or three-storey residence can be a special multi-generational or co-ownership home.

Your FlexPlex may start as a multi-unit residential building to make home ownership affordable. As your needs change, FlexPlex can transform into a duplex or single-family home.

You can also legally condominiumize the FlexPlex and sell residential units.

FlexPlex fits into residential neighborhoods as it looks like a large single-family home. from the street.

FlexPlex® is an alternative form of housing that makes affordable home ownership possible with a low-rise, single-family lifestyle.

Flex from fourplex to single-family home

Mortgage Helper

Rental income to cover mortgage payments makes living affordable.

Passive Income

Use your home equity to finance your FlexPlex. Live inexpensively – or generate retirement income.

Multi-generational Living

Pool resources to live in an affordable dwelling perfect for multigenerational families.

Facilitating Co-ownership

Co-own the building or have separate legal titles for every floor.  Inexpensive compared to the cost of high-rise condos.

Revenue Generation Model

Young people can use rental income to get into the real estate market, and young-at-heart can live off it. This is why smart investors already own rental residential.

Rental income potential helps you qualify for a mortgage as lenders will use 50-80% in their calculations. This is the affordability solution for Millennials and Gen Z with a home ownership goal. It’s a new model for retirement income.

Multigenerational Model

A home designed to give you your private space while providing places for togetherness is so much better than an in-law suite.

You can have a traditional interactive single-family home with up to four kitchens and eight bedroom/bath combinations. Or, if privacy and independence is important, your multigenerational home can have separate units for each family group. Every bedroom has a private bathroom. Reconfiguring the building as family members come and go is easy.

Co-ownership Model

Foster community, or a supportive environment for aging-in-place, while living independently.

Individuals can customize units with one or two floors. Each floor has the potential for a kitchen and two bedrooms. Every floor has an independent heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing system and exceptional soundproofing.

Facilitate getting financing and exiting the arrangement anytime want by condo titling each unit.

FlexPlex is also a perfect building for a small housing co-op.

Never Have to Leave

Unlike a traditional residence, the FlexPlex® gives you the ability to keep changing how you live as your needs change. Upsize, downsize – and never have to move. The cost savings over a lifetime are substantial.

Renovation of an existing structure is expensive and time-consuming. Changing the FlexPlex is quick and easy. The development of the FlexPlex design involved hundreds of hours of planning by Greenbilt Homes. The innovative infrastructure to convert the building is embedded in the walls, ceilings, and floors.

  • New FlexPlex owner Jake keeps his monthly housing costs low by living in a 2-bedroom unit with a roommate and renting out three 2-bedroom apartments. When Jake settles into a permanent relationship, the couple lives in Jake’s unit.
  • As kids come along, Jake creates a “starter home” by taking back the 2-bedroom unit on an adjacent floor to make one large unit.
  • As Jake’s family becomes financially established, and his parents move in, the FlexPlex®is converted into a large single-family home.

As kids move out and fewer bedrooms are needed, Jake converts a floor to a rental unit and enjoys extra disposable income.

Eventually the FlexPlex transitions back to a four 2-bedroom building. Jake and his partner downsize to an accessible ground-floor unit. As they retire and age in place, they have the room for a live-in caregiver.

Over his lifetime, Jake has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not moving and not paying realtor fees, property purchase taxes, and moving costs. He may also have avoided a big HST bill.

Zack and Jesse are a young couple that own a small, aging bungalow in a nice neighborhood. They grew up in the area and Jesse’s family home is nearby.

When kids come along, living conditions become cramped. Zack and Jesse look at buying a bigger home. They discover that doubling their living space would more than double their mortgage payment.

Jesse suggests to her parents that they pool their capital to build a multigenerational legal duplex where each family has a unit.

Three generations live in the family home and get excited as they watch the building progress on Zack and Jesse’s lot.

The grandparents enjoy seeing their grandkids every day and look forward to this permanent arrangement.

Once the multigenerational home is occupied, everyone is happy to have exactly the amount of space they want.

Customized for You

We have several FlexPlex models to choose from. The benefits of a repeatable design and a standardized process are lower costs compared to custom-built projects.  We do customize the FlexPlex based on your tastes and style.

Your exterior can look like a traditional Brownstone, a Parisian townhome, ultra Modern, Arts & Crafts, or another style.

Your style and tastes are reflected in interior design choices. Work with a professional to make all the best decisions.

  • Greenbilt Homes builds a highly energy-efficient FlexPlex at the same price as a minimum building code home.
  • We can do this because of Greenbilt’s extensive experience in high-performance green buildings.
  • Sustainability features make your FlexPlex affordable.  Your operating costs are much lower than comparable buildings. This allows you to live more cheaply and to charge more in rent.
  • Standards we work with are:
    • Passive House
    • Net Zero
    • LEED
    • Energuide
  • You can customize your home’s sustainability features.
  • We recommend that you have an all-electric building heated, cooled, and water heated by heat pumps. This proven technology is your lowest-cost long-term option.
  • If you want the highest standards in sustainable construction, that’s our Net Zero Carbon option that includes solar panels.
  • The technology behind the Net Zero FlexPlex is carefree living without complicated systems.  It’s as simple as the home mechanical systems you have been used to.
  • Our building resilience features keep the costs of repairs and maintenance low.
  • Resilience comes from our careful, handcrafted construction approach including continuous airtightness and water barriers, and structural choices and materials that are Built-to-last and stand up to extreme weather.
  • Your FlexPlex is Future-proofed as energy costs go up and the weather becomes more extreme.

The Greenbilt Process

Greenbilt Homes delivers high-performing, highly flexible buildings cost-competitively using cutting-edge technology and our careful building processes.

Greenbilt has been approved as a Tarion home warranty program builder since inception.  Our clients will vouch for the quality of our work, our process and our focus on customer satisfaction.

Greenbilt Seven-Step Design-build

Greenbilt Seven-step to Design-build

Our experienced staff quickly assess your needs and give you initial advice, including financial information, and feedback on your property.

After an initial design, we create a financially feasible estimate. We discuss cost-saving choices including modular building and other rapid building options.

We provide an easy-to-read contract with a complete, detailed scope of work including timelines for your FlexPlex®.

Our architectural designer works with you to complete detailed drawings for budgeting and permits. We work with your interior designer on all materials and finishing.

We are experienced in approvals and permitting and provide the right direction to complete this process.

You get the benefit of decades of construction experience at every step throughout the construction phase.  We keep you informed with clear communication of our progress. You can spend as much time on the job site as you want because we are proud to show you the special, high-value aspects of our construction techniques.

As a Tarion Home Warranty builder, Greenbilt completes a checklist of all your outstanding issues until you are satisfied.

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