Greenbilt Homes is Building The FlexPlex®

Why FlexPlex®?

FlexPlex® is a next generation residence. It flexes quickly and easily from one housing type to another through its unique design. Greenbilt has perfected the FlexPlex® home through hundreds of hours in design and planning, working with architects and engineers.

FlexPlex® makes new home ownership financially possible and it can continually change with your changing needs. Go from a rental model supporting your initial purchase to a Single-family home for kids and grandparents, and then back to the rental model to age in place. And your FlexPlex® is covered by the Seven-year new home Tarion Warranty.

FlexPlex® homes fit beautifully into suburban Single-family neighborhoods as well as urban locations. They look like large Single-family homes from the street. With four exterior walls and lots of natural light, you enjoy all the benefits of Single-family detached living.

You’ll see how housing is made affordable through our “flex” housing solution. Prospect owners can come see this exciting new housing form. We invite to you tour the new FlexPlex® Greenbilt is currently building in Etobicoke.

FlexPlex® Fits Your Lifestyle

Owning a FlexPlex® is a Solution to Home Ownership Affordability

Mortgage Helper

Applying your rental income to your mortgage helps you to quickly build equity.

Passive Income

Using rental income to cover expenses improves your lifestyle.

Multi-generational Living

interaction or privacy in the house to make Multi-generational living comfortable for everyone

Facilitating Co-ownership

By making Co-living easy, you can pool your resources for a down payment and mortgage payments.

Rental Model

You decide how much of the building you want to live in, how much you want rent out, and what kind of rental accommodation you want to Offer–anything from a duplex up to three 2-bedrooms.

You can generate rental income as a “mortgage helper” or produce passive income to support your lifestyle, especially in retirement.

Multi-generational Model

Create as much interaction or privacy in the house to make Multi-generational living comfortable for everyone. You can have a traditional interactive Single-family home with up to four kitchens. Or, if privacy and independence is important, your Multi-generational home can have separate units for each family group.

Every bedroom has a private bathroom. Every floor has its own independent heating, cooling and electrical system. Every floor has exceptional soundproofing. Reconfiguring the home as family members come and go you is easy because everything to do it is built into the walls.

Co-ownership Model

Individuals can have their own customizable units, with each floor having its own kitchen, independent utilities, and soundproofing. Each bedroom includes its own bathroom, and the small condominium/Co-op structure allows for easy selling while others remain.

Housing Cooperatives are popular in cities like New York and provide a better home at a better price by pooling financial resources. Co-operative residents in Toronto reportedly have the highest quality of life and housing satisfaction.

Perfect Lifecycle Home

Unlike a traditional Single-family home, the FlexPlex® gives you almost unlimited flexibility to keep changing the building as your needs change. It’s the perfect lifecycle home.

Renovation of an existing structure can be very expensive and time consuming. FlexPlex® makes it quick and easy by building the capacity for future changes right into the structure.

  • Young professional Jake lives in a 2-bedroom in his FlexPlex® home owner with a Room-mate, and rents out the other three 2-bedroom apartments for maximum mortgage service capacity. When Jake settles into a permanent relationship, the couple takes over Jake’s unit.
  • Jake creates a “starter home” as kids come along by taking back one of the 2-bedroom units on an adjacent floor.
  • As the family becomes more financially established and Jake’s parents move in, the whole FlexPlex® becomes a single family home.
  • As kids move out and Jake needs less room, the top floor becomes a rental unit.
  • Eventually Jake and his partner downsize into the ground floor unit as the dwelling is reconfigured again into to four 2-bedroom apartments. As they age in place, the couple’s caregiver lives in one of the bedrooms.
  • Over his lifetime, Jake has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by not moving and not paying realtors fees, property purchase taxes and moving costs. He may also have saved on paying a big HST bill as well. He put down roots and has friendly neighbors and Long-time service providers who know him well. He is active in the neighborhood and is never lonely.
  • Zack and Jesse are a young couple that own a small, aging bungalow in a nice neighborhood. They grew up in the area and parents live nearly. When kids come along, living conditions become too cramped and think of buying a bigger home.
  • Jesse’s parents live in the original family home and want to downsize. They look at condos, but decide it’s not for them.
  • Jesse suggests to her parents that they combine forces to build a Multi-generational legal duplex where each family has an individual unit.
  • Three generations live in the family home and get excited as they watch the building progress on Zack and Jesse’s lot. The grandparents enjoy seeing their grandkids every day and look forward to this as a permanent arrangement.
  • Once the property is built, everyone is happy to have more space and privacy as they more into the two separate units in a beautiful new home.
  • The couples obtained a new home at a reduced cost, saving on purchase taxes and realtor fees. The parents can travel for extended periods, confident that their home is maintained while continuing to live in their cherished neighborhood for their lifetime.

Uniquely Designed for you

We create a custom home tailored to you. We work closely with you throughout the building process to create a home that fits your budget and meets all your specifications.

Your new home can look like a traditional Brownstone, a Parisian townhome, a contemporary modern, or something completely different.

FlexPlex Triplex Model Home

Your style is optimized by working with an interior designer to make all the best decisions.

Greenbilt is experienced in building green certified homes. Your home’s sustainability features are up to you, and FlexPlex® can be built to standards such as:

  1. Net Zero
  2. Passive House
  3. LEED
  4. Energy Star
  • Our base model FlexPlex® is a sustainable home an energy efficient and resilient house that will lower your carbon footprint, your energy and water bills, and your maintenance costs.
  • If you want the highest standards in sustainability, that’s our Net Zero Carbon home.
  • With marginal additional cost, you can have built a FlexPlex that is fossil free and resilient with rooftop solar panels are hidden from view to maintain the home’s conventional Single-family look.
  • This High-performance home is built using Passive House construction techniques. A Net Zero Passive House delivers health and wellness benefits that are owners value. It has amazing indoor comfort Year-round as well as excellent indoor air quality.
  • The technology behind the Net Zero FlexPlex is carefree living without complicated systems.  It’s as simple as the home heating and cooling you have been used to.
  • Resilience comes from our careful, handcrafted construction approach including continuous airtightness and water barriers, and structural choices and materials that are Built-to-last and stand up to extreme weather.
  • Your FlexPlex is Future-proofed as energy costs go up and the weather becomes more extreme.

The Greenbilt Process

Starting with a free consultation, Greenbilt Home’s Design-build process delivers high performing houses through cutting edge technology and careful building techniques.

Greenbilt has been a Tarion Home Warranty program builder since inception. Our clients will vouch for the fact that we support them long after the warranty is expired.

Greenbilt Seven-step Design-build Process

Greenbilt Homes quickly assesses your needs and gives you initial advice, including financial information, and feedback on your property.

We provide a free high-level budget for you to consider and discuss with your bank. If you are ready to take it to the next step, we work with you on a detailed estimate based on your specific choices.

We provide a clear, detailed contract with timelines, and a complete scope of work for your FlexPlex® that specifies all aspects of your custom project.

We work with you and an architectural designer to customize your FlexPlex® plan. We work with your interior designer on all the materials and finishing choices.

We are experienced in the approval and permitting process, and help you throughout this process with the right documents and direction.

You get the benefit of decades of construction experience every step of the way throughout your project.  And we keep you informed with a clear understanding of the construction project throughout. You can spend as much time on the job site as you want because we are proud to show you the special, high value aspects of our construction techniques. We’ll even give you your own hardhat!

Your project is never complete until we go through a detailed checklist with you to make sure every aspect of your new home is completed as promised.

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