Innovative FlexPlex® Brings Big Recognition to Small Home Builder

Toronto’s family-run Greenbilt Homes is a finalist for the prestigious BILD Angelo DelZotto Fearless Innovator Award

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Toronto, ON – GTA’s Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) announced today that Greenbilt Homes is a finalist for the 2024 Angelo DelZotto Fearless Innovator Award.

Family-run Greenbilt is working to address housing supply issues in Toronto in a sustainable way. A green custom home builder in the GTA since 2009, Greenbilt is honoured to be one of two finalists for this prestigious award.

Greenbilt’s latest innovation is the FlexPlex®. It’s designed to quickly and easily transform from a fourplex-triplex-duplex to a single-family home. With up to eight bedroom/bathroom combinations and up to four kitchens, FlexPlex can also be a multigenerational or co-ownership home.

FlexPlex was designed to be affordable by generating rental income for owners, or giving families the right opportunity to pool resources for home ownership. It’s high-quality construction for $400 per square foot, much less than the cost of the average custom home.

The FlexPlex has leading sustainability features. It’s a highly energy-efficient, all-electric building powered by heat pumps for heating, cooling, and hot water heating. It will be a Net Zero Carbon home when solar panels are installed this spring.

Its single-family home appearance blends into the architecture of established residential neighborhoods. The model FlexPlex, at 19 Burlington Street in Mimico, is home to two families in a duplex configuration.

“We’ve achieved an important social goal,” said Greenbilt President Mike Manning “We innovated to create an affordable residence on a small lot that’s inexpensive to operate,” he said.

Thanks to features like ultra-high efficiency heat pumps, induction stoves, and triple-pane windows, Manning said the model FlexPlex has a total monthly utility bill for the whole building ranging from $205 to $261.

The 2024 award winner will be announced in a gala ceremony May 30th. The award is named for the pioneering founder of residential builder Tridel who helped to make high-rise apartments, and later condominiums, widespread in the GTA.

“DelZotto left an indelible mark on Toronto. It’s a great honor that the FlexPlex, our latest innovation, is important enough to put Greenbilt in contention for this award,” said Manning.

About Greenbilt Homes

Greenbilt Homes is a family-owned business led by Master builder Mike Manning who has decades of experience in commercial and residential construction. He founded Greenbilt in 2008 to satisfy the need for reasonably priced high-performance green custom homes. Greenbilt has been widely recognized in the media for its increasingly ambitious sustainability features. It has won a Healthy Housing Award from CMHC; Best Custom Home from the Home Sweet Home competition; and an interior design award from IIDEX. It has built a LEED Gold certified home.

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