When John Mayer dreamed up the saying in our headline, he was right. Energy independence is dependent on batteries.

Did you know that you should have batteries in your house today, and not just to run your remote?  

Did you know that our all-electric future involves massive battery storage?

Here’s our Top 10 Battery Ideas leading to energy freedom:  

Bidirectional EV Charging
  1. Battery Backup for Sump Pumps – Greenbilt puts these in all new homes. Due to climate change, there’s more frequent intense rain. Often, that’s when blackout happens.
  2. Backup for Essential Appliances – Greenbilt recommends an even bigger battery to power electrical refrigerators and freezers.
  3. Backup Heating – neither natural gas nor electric heating works during power outages. Replace a natural gas generator with a battery to keep the heat on.[1]
  4. Peak Shaving – save money by charging batteries during Ontario’s Ultra-low 2.8¢ per kWh rate overnightand use that power during On-peak 28.6¢ per kWh hours.
  5. Solar Power Storage – batteries make solar panels a superpower.  First, it’s the ultimate in peak shaving if you store free solar-generated power for use when the sun isn’t shining. Second, in a blackout, your solar panels will continue to charge your battery. 
  6. Innovation Drives Cost Reductions – buying batteries today will spur innovation to reduce battery cost and increase efficiency.  Then the next four ideas will be priced for mass-market adoption.
  7. Protect Against Brownouts – there’s concern the grid isn’t “smart” enough to manage the transition to all-electric energy without occasional brownouts.  With batteries, your home will always have power.
  8. Selling Battery Power – part of the grid becoming “smart” is for your electric utility to pay you for taking energy out of your home battery when needed.
  9. Two-way EV Charger – With two-way or bidirectional EV charging, your car is part of your battery system giving you more energy to sell, do peak shaving, or as backup power. Brilliant, eh?
  10. OFF THE GRID – many people think this is Energy Nirvana. With rapid advances in solar power and battery technology, this is the future.

[1] With today’s technology, battery back-up for an extended blackout requires a well-insulated and airtight home and/or an efficient heating system like heat pumps.

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