June 7, 2023

Alana Moor

Everyone knows someone whose basement has been flooded out in the last few years, right? Climate change means water bodies warm up and produce Precipitation-laden clouds that rain on you and me. The Toronto Regional Conservation Authority says that expected higher precipitation will lead to “an increase in hazardous conditions placing people and property at risk.”

The tally from Florida’s Hurricane Ian last fall is pushing towards $100 billion. Some of the worst losses were uninsured as coastal areas have trouble getting flood insurance.

But it’s been hard to get the big picture on the incredible costs that climate Change-induced weather is imposing on society. Now, SwissRe, the giant global insurance company has just reported that last year’s insurance payout from damages caused by extreme weather was $120 billion. It’s a 50% increase over the previous decade’s average. And these are only the insured losses!

Greenbilt builds to weather the storm. Our new FlexPlex demonstration project has exterior AND interior weeping tile systems, TWO exterior sump pumps and a basement defense system I call the Concrete Boat Bottom. We use carefully install exterior building materials that won’t be blown away. When others are putting in claims and see their insurance costs rise, you’ll be financially ahead in a Greenbilt home.

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